Off Site Shredding Services in Little Rock, AR

Off site shredding is simply the operation of taking materials to a shredding plant in Little Rock and destroying them. This process is compliant with all current federal and Arkansas privacy laws, including FACTA and HIPAA. This option is common because it is generally cheaper to shred at a plant. It provides a high level of security because only authorized people are permitted to come in contact with the paper or even be at the plant.
Off site shredding is less expensive, but just as secure!
Trained security drivers transport your documents in a locked truck, protecting them until they are delivered at a locked shredding plant. Upon the arrival of the materials for shredding, the containers are inventoried. 

Once inventoried, they are then staged to begin the shredding work. The material is fed directly into a giant shredder, which can process over 20,000 lbs of paper per hour. A certificate of destruction is created with the total weight shredded, assuring that your papers were destroyed.
Once your papers are shredded, they are compacted and sent directly to a paper mill, where the material is pulped and recycled into new paper.

How Off Site Shredding Works in Little Rock

  • Papers that must be destroyed are gathered.  
  • The paper is collected and placed in secure bins.  
  • The bins are safely delivered to a shredding plant.  
  • The paper is shredded, baled, and recycled into new paper.  
  • A certificate of destruction is issued.

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